Rafferty has been my driving force in creating this journal and community. It was clear from the start that his life had been different to that of other horses I had tried, but I was drawn to him, he had something about him, and I knew within those first few seconds that he would be coming home with me. 


I spent some months following trying to find something that would help me better understand him, guide me and support me as I took on this ex-racehorse who had only been off the track for a relatively short time before I found him.

I couldn't find quite what I needed, so I decided to create it, not just for me, but for other riders who are either thinking about owning an ex-racehorse, or like me, trying to find their way and do the right thing by them.

Now I may not be the best rider, but what I do have is bucket loads of determination, not only to do it for me, but to be the best owner for him. But too often, I found myself feeling unfocused and to be honest, a little lost with him, and before I knew it the weeks had turned into months and I felt no further forward. I needed a tool which would help me feel accountable, focused and motivated to achieve what I wanted.

And so, I created Off The Track Ride Planner!

The planner has worked for me, it has been a game changer. I now think about what I want to achieve and break it down into small, achievable chunks. Each week I work on something new, I push myself out of my comfort zone, just a little each week and the results have been amazing. 

Enjoy x